New Champagne Bar, Glass House, set to open in Newcastle

22nd December 2014

Where to Enjoy a Glass of Bubbly in Hampshire

A new luxury Champagne bar is set to open in Newcastle city centre in 2015.

The bar, called Glass House, will be in the historic Milburn House on Dean Street.

The venue will mostly serve as a wine and Champagne bar, but will also offer a whiskey cellar, tapas and canapes. The bar hopes to provide live music on occassion, such as jazz and swing, and also provide Newcastle College students with valuable hospitality experience.

It will be a high-end bar, offering a luxurious and sophisticated atmopshere. It is well located to attract business professionals who perhaps want a glass of bubbly after work, or those heading out the at weekend – it aims to be a place for discerning drinkers to “enjoy a high quality drink in good company”.

If Glass House is successful, Mark Nigrelli, the hospitality entrepreneur who invested £250,000 into the business, has already mentioned potential plans for future expansion across the region.

“Locals and visitors to Newcastle deserve a five star bar with high quality servers and products that they can’t find anywhere else in the city.”

This exciting development is due to open it’s doors to the public in January. We are sure it will be a hit!

Glass of Bubbly

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