New Champagne flute from Supremo

29th July 2014

New Champagne flute from Supremo

Artis, the leading supplier of glassware, cutlery, tableware and barware, has announced the launch of the Supremo range of advanced crystal stemware from Luigi Bormioli. 


The Supremo collection is ultra fine crystal glassware, created by Luigi Bormioli. New production developments combined with titanium reinforced stems and ‘SON.hyx® technology ensure that the practicalities of a busy restaurant are not forgotten.

SON.hyx® is blown crystal glass, made using a hi-tech process, which gives it a high resistance to breakage, but with a quality, purity and resonance rivalling that of lead crystal. It is a totally light permeable material, absolutely transparent and colourless. By utilising Luigi Bormioli’s cutting-edge ‘SON.hyx®’ technology in its manufacture, the Supremo range offers superb clarity, is more resistant to shock and delivers on contemporary, high end style.

In the range there are four different sizes of wine glass, together with a champagne flute.

Glass of Bubbly

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