New Cuvee Rosé Petite Douceur Launched by Champagne Gosset

23rd September 2014

New Cuvee Rosé Petite Douceur Launched by Champagne Gosset

Champagne Gosset, the oldest wine house in Champagne, Aÿ, 1584 – currently celebrating its 430th anniversary – has launched a new cuvée, Petite Douceur Rosé. This extra dry wine achieves a delicate balance between sweetness and acidity and is the perfect accompaniment for desserts or afternoon tea, as well as savoury dishes with a ‘sweet and sour’ element.

Jean-Pierre Mareigner, Champagne Gosset’s cellar master for 30 years, wanted to play on the subtle balance between sweetness and acidity. “I wanted to create a wine to associate with the desserts I recall from my childhood: Crêpes Suzette, pear tart with cinnamon and cakes with a hint of orange blossom.”

Champagne Gosset is part of the Renaud-Cointreau family group, whose president of Jean-Pierre Cointreau comments: “Gosset is renowned for using its traditional, artisanal style of craftsmanship to produce wines that are rich and elegant and the perfect accompaniment to gastronomic discovery.”

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