New Food & Cookery School in Valdobbiadene with support from Moretti Polegato Family

29th October 2018


As a Premium wine producer, located in the Prosecco area, Giancarlo Moretti Polegato is well aware of the important and deep connection of wine/food. Of the importance of high qualified cooks and hospitality staff. That’s why he has supported the school and its educational program by renovating a whole building to let to the school where students are trained to be ambassadors of Italian cuisine and food.

The building where the school is located belongs to the Moretti Polegato family and is part of a large compex which used to be a spinning mill and then a stockings manufacture in the centre of Valdobbiadene. Since the end of 19th century to the ’80s of last century it was the centre of the economic life of the village. After that date, the historical buildings had been deserted and neglected for decades when the Moretti Polegato family decided to give new life to the area and acquired the whole complex, starting a great renovation program. New commercial activities were created, including one of our winery production site, a supermarket, an inn with a restaurant and some other business activities. The main building, a very large one, was renovated with the purpose to create the site where the school with classrooms, cuisine, laboratories to produce cheese, salami, bread, pastry, could be housed.


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