New Limited Edition Ayala Rosé

11th August 2016

New Limited Edition Ayala Rosé

A very refreshing looking design from Ayala for their rosé No 8 is now available. Described on the official Ayala website as:

An authentic expression of the House’s creative spirit… This cuvee also shines thanks to its creative and innovative graphic conception: the distinguished label and original lines of the gift case echo the femininity and modernity that characterize the House’s universe.

We have spoken many times how a design of label can really attract buyers and with this design by Agency 2S Global Design it is certainly to appeal to many of which a majority I would say would be ladies? It certainly attracts me!

Ayala have been undergoing new designs recently to freshen up its worldwide presence, keeping the brand modern and innovative within the industry. We do suggest that you take a quick visit to the Ayala Champagne official website which is very current with how it showcases the brands and its wines, the label is very innovative in marketing and approachable via social media which is a real must in today’s marketing climate.

Rosé N°8 is a limited edition cuvée, and a true reflection of the refreshment Champagne AYALA has been undergoing recently.” Find out more about Ayala Rosé No 8 here: Rosé No8 Ayala Champagne.


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