New Rolls Royce Comes With Built-in Champagne Bar

21st May 2016

New Rolls Royce Comes With Built-in Champagne Bar

Rolls Royce have decided to commemorate the final year of their Phantom collection by offering 50 bespoke Phantom Zenith’s, built to each buyers specifications.

The car comes with optional extras to create the ultimate luxury. One of the extras is a fold-out Champagne bar in the boot of the car which includes a fridge (big enough for 2 Champagne bottles), 8 glasses and a leather table to drink on.

Some other features include brushed steel speedometer, leather seats, unique interior lighting and individual badges with the cars build number. The cars are available in coupé or drophead coupé with a choice of beautifully classic Rolls Royce colours.

All 50 of these ultra luxurious vehicles have already been snapped up and are currently being made to order.


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