New ‘Shorty’ Cocktail Glasses

28th July 2016

New 'Shorty' Cocktail Glasses

Shorty responds to the current vogue for reduced portion size ‘mini cocktails’. This new range of three glass styles comprises Margarita, Martini and Rocks glasses. The style features a small easy to hold stem with an integral multi-faceted glass dome creating an amazing sparkle.

Each glass holds 14cl and is perfect for reduced alcohol consumption and the modern tapas-style casual dining approach to eating out. Its smaller size makes it suitable for cocktail-food combinations, flights of cocktails or paired serves

The Shorty range also gives bartenders the wherewithal to prepare smaller portions of drinks for various purposes – be it sampling, tasting, welcome drinks or as palate cleansers between courses. When used in a flight, Shorty reduces your cocktail portions down to canapé size and allows food and drink to be presented side by side.


These mini glasses would be perfect for sparkling wine cocktails or Champagne-infused desserts.


Glass of Bubbly

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