New York Bar Selling $100 Gold Champagne Doughnut!

7th January 2016

golden champagne doughnut new york

For $100 (£68) you can get a glistening golden doughnut, made with Cristal Champagne icing, filled with an ube mousse, Champagne jelly and covered with 24 carrot edible gold. This Champagne inspired doughnut is available at New York Bar Manila Social Club, treat yourself a very indulgent snack.

Head chef Björn DelaCruz is the creator of the golden doughnut. It started as a fun, tongue-in-cheek item due to Björn’s love of Champagne and doughnuts, when suddenly they became a hit on instagram and orders took off.

Would you ever pay $100 for a Cristal doughnut?

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