New Zealand Kiwi Fizz Cocktail

29th November 2021

No 1 Kiwi Cocktail with flag

Welcome to New Zealand, settle down, relax and prepare to enjoy a New Zealand inspired Fizz Cocktail along with a couple of interesting facts you may not have known.

  1. First sighted by the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, the country was later mapped by James Cook.
  2. The famous New Zealand Haka is performed to display a tribe’s pride, strength and unity, it is a type of ceremonial Māori dance or challenge performed in a group.
  3. New Zealand is part of the ‘Zealandia’ continent, of which, 93% is submerged.
  4. No more than 800 years ago, New Zealand was undiscovered and completely devoid of human beings.
  5. The Royal New Zealand Air Force’s logo is the Kiwi, which is a flightless bird.
  6. One Australian man in 2006 logged onto eBay and tried to sell New Zealand, the listing started at AU$0.01 and reached AU$3000, before eBay realized that he was not the legitimate owner and closed the auction.
  7. Starting in 2014, New Zealand has banned all advertising on TV on Christmas, Easter, Good Friday and ANZAC Day.

Thanks to FactSlides for helping me with discovering the facts.

Why are New Zealander’s sometimes called Kiwis? The name came around during the First World War, where the New Zealand soldiers were referred to as ‘kiwis’, the nickname probably happened because of the kiwi bird which New Zealand use as an emblem and hold in high regard.

The Sparkling Wine – No.1 Family Estate

No.1 Family Estate was born in 1977 by Adele & Daniel, they chose the name No.1 Family Estate in recognition of the many ‘firsts’ in New Zealand wine they had achieved over the years while working on their first venture, Cellier Le Brun.

They released their very first Cuvée No.1 on Bastille Day in 1999 and in 2012 their No.1 Assemblé was the first wine in New Zealand to be labeled ‘Méthode Marlborough’ in place of Méthode Traditionelle.

No.1 Family Estate – Cuvée No.1 – Tasting Notes

Aroma 👃 “Burnt oak, BBQ seaweed, cooking apples and lightly toasted bread on the aroma.”

Flavour 👅 “A green and oaky taste, green apples, herbal notes, green citrus, with hints of oak on the palate.”

This New Zealand Sparkling Wine Won a Silver Medal in the Oaky & Toasty Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021

The Cocktail


  • New Zealand Sparkling Wine
  • Kiwi, Green Apple & Mango Juice
  • Mint Leaf

How To Make The Kiwi Fizz Cocktail

  1. You can buy a green flavoured juice in the store or chop up 2 Kiwi’s, 1 Green Apple, & Half a Mango, then blend them together and strain into your glass.
  2. Pour in 50mls of your Kiwi, Apple & Mango Juice.
  3. Top up with 100mls of New Zealand Sparkling Wine.
  4. Place some Kiwi slices on or in the glass for Garnich.
  5. Finally, place a Mint Leaf to finish.

Tasting Notes

Aroma 👃 “A lovely combination of fresh mint and kiwi, with hints of green apple on the aroma.”

Flavour 👅 “A green taste with an oaky undertone, kiwi, green apples, hints of mango, a touch of peach with oaky undertones throughout, shinning most at the close.”

Oliver Walkey

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