Nibbles at the Bar with your Champagne

27th August 2016


I’m quite sure that for many of us a glass of bubbly in our hand, what is seen as the king of wines, is the most important thing to be concentrating on and if nibbles are on the menu then it’s simply whatever is fine as you concentrate on the bubbles in your glass. Bar snacks have come along way from days of bowls of peanuts and crisps (back then they were free) to entice you to drink more. Today we see many options for bar snacks from the increasing variations of packet crisps and savoury snacks up to (depending on the bars you attend), fresh fish, cooked meats, cheese boards and sandwiches.

Food with Champagne or sparkling wines is a fast expanding subject with us now being told that almost every snack and meal can be enjoyed with fizz from curries to fish and chips – We no longer are limited to if it’s red wine or white wine that you should be ordering in the restaurant.

At Glass of Bubbly we get sent many samples from Champagne & Sparkling Wines to wine carry cases, wine glasses to bar snacks and it’s that later one we are looking at today with Snaffling Pig having sent us samples of their pork crackling to try and pair with bubbly.

We sampled their black pepper pork scratchings which we paired with a vintage Champagne Thiénot 2007 and also a rosé Crémant de Bourgogne by Jean-Charles Boisset. The good thing about the black pepper version is that taste is subtle compared to other leading brands, a light amount yet right amount of taste really makes for enjoying this snack with a glass of bubbly. The office preferred the rosé Crémant feeling that the light amount of salt added to the scratchings highlighted the fruity taste of the wine, the Thiénot Champagne 2007, which is a powerful wine with greater depth, outweighed the scratchings as it would have done any other subtle style snack.

Glass of Bubbly

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