Nino Franco Grave di Stecca

25th October 2014

Nino Franco Grave di Stecca

100% Glera (traditionally called Prosecco), exclusively from an ancient origin vineyard, named “Grave di Stecca”, a clos on the slopes of Prealpi, just near the town center.
The vineyard, exposed to south and partly screened by a huge park, enjoys a particular micro-climate.

Colour: Brilliant pale straw coloured. Plenty of fine softly arising bubbles

Tasting Notes: Scents of ripe fruit, aromatic herbs, sage; intense mineral and flint notes. A very pleasant dry taste at the beginning, followed by a growing silky fruit bouquet . Very good and long aftertaste. Persistent, with a touch of toasted almond.

Food Pairing: Drinkable throughout the meal, it goes very well with ham, shellfish, fish and chips, shrimp and vegetable” tempura”.


Grave di Stecca

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