17th January 2014

nyetimber sign london

The Nyetimber Estate is the largest vineyard in the UK, with 438 acres and is the only one to produce premium sparkling wine exclusively from estate grown fruit. There vineyards are in West Sussex and Hampshire.

Planted near Pulborough, West Sussex in 1988 by Stuart and Sandy Moss from Chicago, the Nyetimber Estate has a perfect soil profile for the production of sparkling wine.

Now owned by Dutchman Eric Heerema, Nyetimber’s vineyard has grown from 35 acres to over 400 acres, making it England’s largest vineyard.

Southern England is perfect for the production of sparkling wine. The chalk seam that supplies Champagne grapes with the perfect green sand and chalky soil to flourish is the very same that runs under the lee of the South Downs. This is where, sheltered from the coastal winds, the vines are planted across eight separate sites. Each bottle of Nyetimber is crafted from one hundred percent of estate-grown grapes.


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