NZ Chardonnay & Sparkling Wine Symposium

26th January 2016

New Zealand’s upcoming Chardonnay & Sparkling Wine Symposium will take place on the 4th and 5th of February.

Called ‘Past, Present and Beyond… the Tale of New Zealand Chardonnay and Sparkling’, the aim of the event is to showcase New Zealand’s wine industry, with a focus on exploring the rich quality, diversity and future developments of New Zealand sparkling wine and Chardonnay.

100 guests will have to the chance to explore the diversity and quality of the wines with a day of tastings. Masters of Wine Jane Skilton MW and Michael Brajkovich MW, amongst a panel of industry experts, will be presenting and discussing winemaking, styles and information about New Zealand sparkling wines.

The symposium was announced last year to be held at Gisbourne, a wine region tucked away on the East Coast of New Zealand. It’s fertile plains and sunny climate create the ideal environment for growing and making world-class wine.

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