Once in a Lifetime Experience of Krug 1915 with Sotheby’s Auction

24th August 2015

Once in a Lifetime Experience of Krug 1915 with Sotheby's Auction

On 25 September, Sotheby’s New York will offer not only a rare bottle of Krug, but  a once in a lifetime experience for the winning bidder and three friends who will enjoy the Krug 1915 Experience with a two-day visit to the vineyard and cellars in Reims with tours led by sixth-generation family member, Olivier Krug.

For the winning bidder, this unique experience will include a  tour of the vineyards, with Olivier Krug, a tasting of Champagnes from Clos du Mesnil through five vintages and dinner at L’Assiette Champenoise, where three-star chef, Arnaud Lallement, will prepare a specific menu around a tasting called: ‘Journey in the Krug Universe’.

On day two, a vertical tasting will be held in the cellar with the highlight of opening, then tasting, one of the four last bottles of Krug 1915.

The empty bottle will then receive a replica of the original label and be presented to the buyer in a tailor made oak box, with a dedicated photo album.

Auction: 25–26 September.

Bids start at $15,000.

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