Org de Rac Organic Wine Estate

28th August 2014

Org de Rac organic wine estate is at the foot of the Piketberg, Swartland.

The approach at Org de Rac stems from a deep respect and commitment to the natural environment, the people involved in making the wine and the people who will finally enjoy our wine.

The result of our organic farming methods is a harvest of grapes that is raised in healthy soil, fertilized by living, organic compost and that was never sprayed or exposed to any form of chemical pesticide, herbicide or fungicide.

These organically produced grapes are all picked and sorted by hand, then taken to the cellar and made into wine according to strict principles and controlled practices, before all being bottled, labelled and matured on the estate.

Org de Rac absolutely adheres to organic winemaking techniques with low sulphur additions – resulting in a more natural, healthier wine on your table.

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