Own Brand Prosecco Superiore

26th September 2015

own label prosecco brand

With Prosecco overtaking Champagne in terms of volume and value sales, more  consumers than ever in the UK are selecting Prosecco as their fizz of choice.

Just Perfect Wines, has launched a new own branded Prosecco offering alongside their branded range, all produced by wineries located in the premium DOCG Prosecco region.

Aimed at the the premium corporate and hospitality market, own branded Prosecco Superiore is ideal for use at corporate or hospitality events, for gifts of promotion.

Branding and labelling can be styled to any design and are available for volumes of a minimum of 48 units.

Julia Phillips, Director of Just Perfect Wines comments, “There are plenty of lower quality Prosecco, but for companies who are looking to reinforce their own premium brand values, choosing a premium ‘Prosecco Superiore’ from a reputable winery is a far better brand choice.”

They also offer a gift boxed Prosecco Superiore accompanied by the specially designed ‘Prosecco Superiore’ glasses made by top glassware manufacturer, Reidel.

The glasses are not currently available for retail sale from Riedel, so the set is extremely exclusive.

Shared by Julia Phillips


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