Oz Clarke’s – Story of Wine

23rd January 2024

Oz Clarke's Story of Wine Interview

One of the most famous and loved wine experts, a familiar face on TV and a writer of over 30 books, Oz Clarke OBE is a legend in the world of wine.

I got the opportunity to interview Oz Clarke about his latest book, ‘Oz Clarke’s Story of Wine‘, you can watch the full interview here.

One of the best wine shows on TV had to be Oz and James’s Big Wine Adventure, pairing Oz Clarke with James May, the first season aired in 2006 and it sees them traveling throughout France’s most famous wine regions, ending the series in Champagne. With the second season airing a year later in 2007, it saw them both taking over to the land of the free, the United States of America, again exploring some of the most well known wine regions, ending the series in Napa Valley.

Then, when we thought it was over, Oz and James decided to Drink to Britain in 2009, travelling throughout the United Kingdom and exploring some of the most popular drinks that us Brits enjoy on a daily or weekly basis.

Oz Clarke is one of those characters you can’t help but fall in love with, he’s always open, welcoming and charming in nature, every word he says, he says with enthusiasm and engagement, he has helped make wine a more approachable and friendly place for anyone and everyone to discover, whether you’re in the industry or just like a drink every once in a while.

Oz Clarke’s Story of Wine

This is Oz Clarke’s version of the Story of Wine, it’s Oz’s story, taking a look throughout history, delivering interesting facts and fascinating myths, because a lot of the wine industry can appear boring to those on the outside and even those within, it’s filled with complicated notions that may deter those wanting to explore the world of wine, so Oz makes away with such details, choosing only to highlight the facts, myths and legends that captivate people’s attention.

There’s still a lot in the world of wine that we can’t pinpoint and class as ‘fact’ just yet, sometimes the myths may in fact be the truth, but until we have a definite answer, why not cast a bright light on those that captivate the imagination the most.

We at Glass of Bubbly, and myself, can’t thank Oz Clarke enough for spending the afternoon with him, we hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did.


Oz Clarke’s Story of Wine published by HarperCollins

Oliver Walkey

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