Packing the Essentials for that Wine Industry Tour

3rd February 2017


Thirteen times last year I had the task of packing for a wine tasting press tour so I certainly found the right balance of what to take and what not to. One thing that also entered my mind was am I packing enough jumpers and other woollies that I could wrap up those bottles of wine which we always seem to be collecting as we travelled from one winery to another. There is nothing harder than to have to say no to a wine producer when they offer you the gift of their wine, not so much as we are missing out on a bottle of wine, but more so to not to offend the winemaker as they are in fact offering you the art of their craft, ie the wine of their wine making.

The best way around this dilemma is to always take with you a bigger case than you need as when you return it is likely to be much fuller (and heavier so make sure on your weight allowance)! Though, especially if you have more that one bottle, they need to be protected from knocking together and breaking (or exploding in my case as I always do sparkling wine tours). As mentioned, the way around this is to wrap them up with the used clothing from your tour or that ‘taken’ towel from the hotel room!

Then we have the professional way! Yes, there is one and that solution is a professional wine carry case from FlyWithWine. This solid carry case enables you to enter inserts that change it from a still wine to sparkling wine holder and also enables magnum sized bottles to be safely transported. You can either use the whole case with wines or just one side thanks to its easy take out and put in process and dividers.


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