Pairing Expensive Sparkling Wines with Fast Food!

11th January 2024

Lambrusco Pizza Pairing

When it comes to culinary experiences, the juxtaposition of high-end luxury and everyday comfort can create a surprising and delightful harmony. Enter the world of pairing top notch sparkling wines with fast food, where the effervescence and acidity of the wine elevate the humble flavors of our favourite quick bites. Here are some unexpected yet delightful pairings that bring together the sophistication of fine bubbles with the comfort of fast food.

1. Champagne and French Fries

Indulge in the crispiness of perfectly golden French fries with a glass of high-quality Champagne. The toasty notes and bright acidity cut through the saltiness, creating a harmonious blend of luxury and simplicity.

2. Prosecco and Fried Chicken

The effervescence of Prosecco pairs brilliantly with the savory and crispy layers of fried chicken. A crisp and fruity Prosecco complements the richness, making every bite a celebration of flavors.

3. Cava and Cheeseburgers

Elevate the classic cheeseburger experience with a glass of Cava. The Spanish sparkling wine’s bright acidity refreshes the palate between bites, enhancing the overall enjoyment of this fast-food favourite.

4. Sparkling Rosé and Spicy Chicken Wings

Add a touch of sophistication to your spicy chicken wings experience with a sparkling rosé. The fruity and slightly sweet notes balance the heat, while the bubbles cleanse the palate for the next bite.

5. Brut Rosé Champagne and Sushi

Home Made Sushi

Sushi meets luxury with a pairing of Brut Rosé Champagne. The delicate flavors of sushi are enhanced by the dry and crisp profile of the wine, creating a delightful pairing.

6. Blanc de Blancs and Fish Tacos

For a light and flavorful pairing, try fish tacos with a Blanc de Blancs Champagne. The 100% Chardonnay composition complements the seafood components, offering a refreshing and sophisticated combination.

7. Vintage Champagne and Truffle Fries

Boost the indulgence of truffle fries with a glass of vintage Champagne. The complexity and depth of flavors in the wine enhance the earthy notes of truffles, creating a luxurious fast-food experience.

8. Sparkling Albariño and Shrimp Tostadas

You must try the flavours of shrimp tostadas paired with a sparkling Albariño from Spain. The bright acidity of the wine enhances the seafood flavors, creating a pairing that’s both refreshing and unexpected.

These pairings showcase that you don’t need a white-tablecloth setting to enjoy the finer things in life. The pairing of high-end sparkling wines with fast food brings a touch of elegance to the every day, creating a unique and memorable dining experience that tantalizes taste buds and challenges conventional notions of food and wine pairings. So, the next time you’re craving fast food, consider looking into your finer wine cabinet and grab a flute of bubbly for pairing—because sometimes, the most unexpected combinations are the most delightful.

Teri Wheeler

Wine Professional from South Australia, has made a mark in the wine industry due to her passion and extensive experience in the industry, as a Wine Ambassador, Business Develop Manager, Merchant Success Manager, Wine Educator, Writer, Examiner and Critic for various wine companies and publications, all underpinned by her soon to be completed Level 4 Diploma in Wines from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, making her a valuable figure in the world wines.