Pairing Hot Dogs With A Glass of Bubbly

31st January 2019


How Well Do Hot Dogs And Fizz Pair Together?

Champagne Doyard

Champagne Doyard Cuvée Vendémiaire Brut Premier Cru Tasting Notes: “Citrus, lemon peel and orchard fruits on the nose. Citrus and yellow stone fruits in the mouth. A Highly Recommended in the First Date category in The Worlds Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2017.” Click For Full Review.


Stengel Pinot Meunier Blanc de Noir Brut Tasting Notes: “Peach and raspberries on the nose. Red berry fruit flavours. A Gold Winner in the Zesty and Zingy category in The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2018.” Click For Full Review.


Giusti Rosalia Prosecco Extra Dry 2017 Tasting Notes: “Ripe pears and green apples on the nose. A bowl of ripe fruits come at you in the palate. A Gold Winner in the ‘Light and Fruity’ category in The Worlds Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2018.” Click For Full Review.

Sparkling Wines & Hot Dogs

Sparkling Wines & Hot Dogs

The Hot Dogs

  1. Quorn Bratwursts
  2. Morliny Frankfurters
  3. Ye Olde Oak Hot Dogs
  4. Bratwurst Sausages Asda


Before we start we tried each Hot Dog with and without Tomato Ketchup and American Mustard to see if the sauces made any considerable difference.

Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs

Quorn Bratwursts

(Without Sauce)

Doyard: “When they come together they work wonderfully to create a lovely combination.”

Stengel: “This slightly overpowers the Quorn sausage.”

Giusti: “The Giusti doesn’t quite complement the Bratwurst.”

(With Tomato Ketchup and American Mustard)

Doyard: “The Mustard works very well with the Champagne throughout, a perfect match.”

Stengel: “The mustard somewhat overpowers the Stengel.”

Giusti: “The mustard combined with the Prosecco doesn’t create the perfect mix.”

Morliny Frankfurters

(Without Sauce)

Doyard: “The combination clashes a little bit.”

Stengel: “The Stengel confuses the Frankfurter creating a different taste.”

Giusti: “The Giusti cancels out the Frankfurter.”

(With Tomato Ketchup and American Mustard)

Doyard: “The mustard with the Champagne makes the combination much more appealing.”

Stengel: “Stengel neutralizes the mustard in a good way, a nice combo.”

Giusti: “The Giusti sits at the back of the throat waiting for the other flavours to have their moment.”

Ye Olde Oak Hot Dogs

(Without Sauce)

Doyard: “The Hot Dog works hard to stay on top, fighting back the Champagne.”

Stengel: “The Hot Dog flavour is unfortunately lost with this combination.”

Giusti: “It turns into a chewy doughy Prosecco with the Hot Dog flavours diminished.”

(With Tomato Ketchup and American Mustard)

Doyard: “The flavours of the Champagne are absorbed by the mustard.”

Stengel: “Works out at 60% Sparkling Wine and 40% Hot Dog flavours in the mouth.”

Giusti: “A nice mix, the Prosecco appears a little more in the palate.”

Asda Bratwurst Sausages

(Without Sauce)

Doyard: “Champagne is much stronger in this combination.”

Stengel: “The rosé was a little bit too delicate for this pairing.”

Giusti: “The fruit burst from the DOC Prosecco fights against the strong flavours from the meat with the wine winning the battle in length.”

(With Tomato Ketchup and American Mustard)

Doyard: “The combination of the strong meat flavours with the sweeter flavours of the condiments meant that all that was left of the Champagne was bitterness which does not showcase any of the Doyard’s characteristics.”

Stengel: “A slightly better balance though with an all too quick loss of flavours to make it somewhat unmemorable.”

Giusti: “The Giusti is a nicely balanced though sweet (not overly) Prosecco and mixed with the rich sweetness coming from the ketchup meant it was an overload.”


Champagne Doyard worked well with the Quorn Bratwursts, both with and without sauce, very much enjoyed and would recommend.

The Morliny Frankfurters with both sauces worked well with Stengel.

The Giusti paired best with Ye Olde Oak Hot Dogs with sauce.

The Bratwurst paired best with the Giusti.

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Oliver Walkey

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