Party Planning – Essentials for Hosting a Champagne Tasting Event

23rd July 2021

Hotel Breaks Guinness World Record for Largest Champagne Tasting

Champagne tasting is the perfect event to promote a brand and meet possible clients and partners. But asking people to come all the way to your vineyard can seem a lot of hassle, and it would be best to choose a more accessible location. Fortunately, many venues fit a sparkling wine tasting event and you can take the classic Champagne tasting party out of your vineyard and into the town. 

You may still have questions related to the party-planning subject. How can you make sure that your guests will enjoy themselves and, more importantly, love the Champagne? Well, this article will answer some of your questions because it covers the most important aspects you need to consider when organizing a part of great Champagne and great people. 

Pick a theme for the event

All parties need a theme. There’s no good pulling together all the kinds of Champagne you produce and ask your guests to compare them over the night because they’re too different. Select a theme to base the party on. If you’re interested in promoting a particular line of Champagne, create the event around it. If the Champagne selections aren’t similar, you’ll find it challenging to clash them during the tasting process. The theme will also help you determine the best venue and music for the event because each kind of Champagne pairs perfectly with a kind of music and location. When you hire a DJ for the party, inform them about the theme to prepare a suitable playlist. And don’t forget to check if the artist has DJ insurance because you’ll have peace of mind knowing that someone covers the expenses in case the DJ equipment creates any damage.  

Pay attention to the temperature

Champagne aromas can be masked if served too cold or warm. The tongue, mouth, and throat can only accept so much sensation. Ensure you get the bottles from the cooler (that should be set to around 50 degrees), and pour the Champagne into glasses for ten minutes before your guests drink it. 

Your guests should enjoy varied kinds of Champagne

We’ve spoken about the variety of products earlier, but only because you should stick with a limited selection, it doesn’t mean you cannot add some variety to the Champagne your guests are tasting. However, when you pick the type you want to offer for tasting, consider the financial implications because some products may be more expensive than others and you may not afford to supply an entire party with your most expensive Champagne.

Ensure the Champagne bottles are stored and served properly

Depending on the number of guests you invite to your event, you can determine the size of storage space needed. Check the glassware because the glass can impact the taste and overall experience. If the venue doesn’t provide you with the proper glassware, you’ll have to bring yours. Some glasses have Champagne amplifying traits and help you highlight the Champagne’s properties. Serve the Champagne in half-filled glasses to allow the bubbles to form and rise pleasantly. 

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