Paul Goerg Brut Vintage 2005

14th October 2014

Paul Goerg Brut Vintage 2005

All the sparkle of Chardonnay in a great vintage

A pale yellow gold with silver tints. A very pretty and persistent cordon of extremely fine bubbles. A rich and complex bouquet of dried fruit and nuts such as almonds. Aromas of fruity jellies including quince and also exotic fruits.

A Grand vintage combining delicateness and strength. An excellent balance of controlled freshness and volume on the palate, a harmonious wine of excellent maturity with impressive length.

This appealing vintage is perfect for a festive and smart aperitif, served with a few elegant canapés. At the table, it can be enjoyed throughout the entire meal, enhancing sea bass in a salt crust or a light veal stew. With cheese, a successful ally would be Reblochon or Vacherin. For dessert, a floating island or cream-filled choux buns would be an excellent choice.

Glass of Bubbly

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