PDO Champagne: French exports 2015-2022

30th October 2023

PDO Champagne French exports 1995-2022

OENsights.com (pronounced exactly like ‘insights’) celebrated Global Champagne Day, with a look at the French exports evolution from 1995-2022, with the release of our ‘PDO Champagne: French exports 2015-2022’ report.

Let’s get started with a glimpse of all French Sparkling wine exports – comparing the total value of PDO Champagne vs other Sparkling wines from France. (complete report also includes a comparison based on exported quantities)

We now turn our attention to the international trade of PDO Champagne, comparing the total quantities exported within the EU-27 countries vs the Rest of the World (RoW) (complete report also includes a comparison based on exported values)

We follow the same paradigm of EU-27 vs Rest of World (RoW) in comparing the evolution of the average price per litre (EUR/L). 2022 shows a substantial increase in the gap between these two.

And finally, we reveal the Top 10 Destinations for Champagne based on the cumulative value of French exports from 2015-2022.

Stay tuned for our upcoming our upcoming series, on the ‘Sparkling Wine elite’ International Trade, which will include dedicated reports on Champagne, Prosecco, Cava and Asti spumante, with the latest up to date information from 2023 exports data and visit https://oensights.com/ for the latest in-depth international wine trade trends & to request any custom analysis you may need for a specific market.

Elias Gagas

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