Perrier-Jouët unveil 2 Limited Editions to Enchant the Festive Season

27th November 2015

Perrier-Jouët unveil 2 Limited Editions to Enchant the Festive Season

Perrier-Jouët has unveiled two new limited editions from the mischer’traxler studio to enchant the dinner tables of the festive season: a bottle of Cuvée Belle Epoque 2007 adorned with mysterious butterflies and a white lacquered slide top gift box cradling a bottle of Cuvée Grand Brut.

Perrier-Jouët began their yearlong collaboration with design duo Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler at Design Miami 2014 with the launch of the stunning Ephemerã installation that explored traditional craftsmanship, modern technology, the ephemerality of nature and the Art Nouveau movement.

Now Ephemera has multiplied into the playful Small Discoveries by mischer’traxler, celebrating the magic of nature around two Perrier-Jouët cuvées.

Small Discoveries by mischer’traxler Belle Epoque 2007 conjures up the crystalline lightness, generosity and refinement of the cuvée, which is described by Chef de Caves Hervé Deschamps as “an epicurean wine embodying Perrier-Jouët’s art of crafting exceptional vintage Champagnes.”


The design duo have treated the bottle as a landscape; a garden blooming with white Japanese anemones, surrounded by butterflies and dragonflies adorning the petals with an endless necklace of light. The label has disappeared – only the white foil remains – giving the designers free rein to express their creativity in a work of contemporary art that celebrates a new Perrier-Jouët vintage.

Small Discoveries by mischer’traxler Grand Brut is an enchanting plumier (pencil box) encasing a bottle of Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut. The plumier is dressed in matt white lacquer with a swirling trace of emeralds and silhouettes of spring foliage aflutter with butterflies.

Aimed as a gift for any occasion, once the exquisite cuvée has been savoured the slide-top plumier can be kept as a receptacle for storing a host of small treasures.

Grand Brut has a frank attack on the palate, revealing an exquisite balance between structure and roundness. The exuberant freshness invites a harmony of aromas, from orchard blossoms and linden to honeysuckle, with scents of ripe fruit heightened by a hint of lemony mango, all culminating in a pleasingly persistent finish.

With a delicate white robe, it reveales aromas of magnolia, honeysuckle and citrus, developed by notes of ripe pears and peaches, set off with a hint of minerality. The wine’s generosity unfolds with a frank attack revealing a delightfully persistent freshness with notes of white flesh fruits, set off by almond milk.


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