Personalize your Sparkling Wine or Champagne Bottle with Stickers

2nd November 2018

Glass of Bubbly sticker on bottle

When you are looking for a special wine or Champagne bottle for an exclusive event, you probably want the bottle to be different. Showing something of your own personality or brand image, whether as an individual or a winery or a corporate business. Personalized labels can help you achieve this. It´s a versatile, attractive and economic resource. And with the holiday season coming up, a great way to personalize your Champagne or wine bottle.

If you are planning an event, like a wedding, a staff party or a New Year’s reception with the company, you can easily use personalized labels that are adaptable to all types of bottles. A bottle with a special label also makes for a great promotional product to give away. If you go to an online printer, in a few steps you can make your own design. Tap into your creativity and design a unique sticker that captures all the information and images you would like to use. This way you get an original label that will be noticed and brings a touch of exclusivity.

Wine labels for wineries and catering industry
The flexibility that comes with the personalization of Champagne and wine bottles for wineries and businesses in the hospitality industry is a great plus. You will be able to combine your brand with graphic elements to which consumers identify themselves which can lead to great customer loyalty. You can almost hear them say that they have the feeling that specific wine bottle was designed for them. Instead of using a standard label, you can now create a personalized sticker to decorate the bottles.

Personalized stickers for celebrations
If you are planning your wedding or another family celebration, you can really surprise your guests with personalized wine bottles. They not only make for original decorations on the dinner table, but are also a memorable thank you gift for your guests. And, come to think of it, why limit yourself to just wine bottles? The water bottles on the table or other drinking bottles can all be personalized with stickers with your own design. Companies who are looking for an exclusive promotional product to give away, for example to regular customers or to all of the staff as a present at the end of the year, can have a look at a wine bottle with a personalized label. Just visit an online printer like and start designing.

For every occasion where you use or give away sparkling wine or Champagne bottles, think about making your own personalized stickers. This way you create an exceptional, one of kind product that will certainly capture the attention of the guests.

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