Perth Champagne Club Flew High on Fraud

11th August 2016

Perth Champagne Club Flew High on Fraud

We do love our industry as it holds so much wealth in talent and diversity, so many stories of success and even those ones of tragedy will bring the industry closer together and find you friends you never thought you had. It is rare to have the good name of Champagne brought into negative light, but unfortunately the Perth Champagne Club recently did just that following the discovery of fraudulent activities so it is reported.

Nicholas Leslie Gaskin who received three years sentence, ran the Perth Champagne Club who supplied Australian bubbly lovers with and quote from their LinkedIn Page:

At Perth Champagne Club we search the world for the best Champagne and fine wine for our customers to purchase via our online warehouse or monthly subscription service. Wine enthusiasts and lovers alike appreciate our range of handpicked brands and varieties conveniently delivered to their door.”

Reports show that he had used stolen credit card details obtained whilst working at his daytime job of a sales person within the hospitality sector to then place orders of around $64,000 to fund his wine business to give it the appearance that it was a ‘high flying’ members club. This was then discovered by the banks who investigated and discovered the fraudulent activities of Mr Gaskin.

Currently the website is not available to view:


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