Pierre Jourdan Belle Rosé

14th May 2015

The Belle Rosé derives its name “beautiful rose” from the elegant blush colour, achieved by carbonic maceration of the base wine. This extracts the elegant colour and the flavours of the Pinot Noir, but not the harsh tannins.

The base wine then undergoes the traditional second fermentation inside the bottle which yields the beautiful lively bubbles in the glass.

Tasting notes:

The palate reveals a lively presentation of rich strawberry and cherry flavours derived from Pinot Noir – with an elegant dry finish.

Serve with:

Mussels, crayfish, prawns, as well as duck. The richness of the Pinot Noir grape lends itself ideally to complement these dishes. Belle Rose also adds romance to an intimate tête à tête.

100% Pinot Noir Méthode Cap Classique



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