Piot Sévillano Brut & Extra Brut Tradition

29th May 2015

Piot Sévillano Brut & Extra Brut Tradition

Brut Tradition

Very beautiful pale colour for this mixed brut which reflects the know-how of our House.
The champagne of all moments, it is ideal for the aperitif as well as for a whole meal.

“A structured wine full of finesse and elegance, full and lively on the palate with delicious floral and acidulous fruit flavours. Its aromatic persistence and balance will go well with daring food choices at the start of the meal.”
Frédéric Pagneux, Advisor Wine Waiter.

Matching Food and Wine
– Courgettes and marinated salmon roulade
– Dices marinated Salmon with pink peppercorns and mascarpone flavoured with basil
– Carpaccio of piquillos with hazelnut oil
Extra Brut Tradition
Elegant freshness with an aromatic precision, stimulated by the expression and the quality of mixed wines. This vintage slowly aged in our cellar and half less suggared than our brut Tradition will seduce the enlightened amateurs.

It will surprise you more served with the finest dishes (saint-jacques, caviar, sushi…).

“This wine offers an outstanding aromatic precision and cleanness on the palate. Its precise dosage reveals a range of dried fruit aromas and leaves room for an unfailing minerality. For enlightened drinkers, it may be enjoyed on its own or as an aperitif”
Frédéric Pagneux, Adviser Wine Waiter.

Matching Food and Wine
– Watermelon and young Gouda brochette
– Qinoa and prawn sushi with jasmine
– Spell and soya waffles glazed with citrus fruits

Glass of Bubbly

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