Pisoni Trentodoc paired with Poussin

14th May 2020

Pisoni Trentodoc paired with Poussin

“Poussin, sometimes also referred to as “coquelet” is a butchers term for a young chicken. Our Poussin are a breed that is naturally slow-growing, so you get meat that’s young and tender yet thoroughly flavourful.” Gressingham Poussin

It is more frequent that we are suggested sparkling wines to pair with our dishes when we dine out, long gone are the days where the imagination limits itself to still red wine for red meats and still white wine for fish. The diversity of flavours from sparkling wines produced across the globe means that we can enjoy a glass of bubbly alongside most of our gastronomic delights.

For me, rich foods with intense flavours such as game, and here highlighted with the Poussin, are ideal to pair with sparkling wines and especially vintage traditional method sparkling wines. The flavours from the meats are more detailed, by containing less fats they express better character flavours associated with the animal in question and when paired with sparkling wines can bring out some amazing flavours between them.

The fat that is in game meat is Omega-3 When you hear Omega-3, most people will think of salmon, however wild game such as venison has an optimum ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids, making game one of the healthiest sources of good fat. Source: Taste of Game

Pouring Pisoni Trentodoc sparkling wine

Pouring F.lli Pisoni TrentoDoc sparkling wine


For this pairing, the Poussin from Gressingham (with added salt and pepper seasoning) we decided to pair with one of our Trophy winning sparkling wines from the 2019 Glass of Bubbly Awards, Creamy Trophy winner – F.lli Pisoni – TrentoDoc Pisoni Brut Millesimato.

F.lli Pisoni TrentoDoc Pisoni Brut Millesimato – Tasting notes: “Soft sweet citrus pastry on the nose with delicate yellow floral. Nicely balanced harmony between lemon zest and sweet yellow stone fruits with an edge towards lemon pastry. In there also as the wine develops in the glass is a creamy grass / hay character.”

“For us at the Pisoni winery in Pergolese, the rural spirit is a fusion of passion and love for the region of Trentino, a rediscovery of traditions and ancient cultivation methods, a set of values dictated by Mother Nature with her seasons and cycles.” – F.lli Pisoni

Pisoni Brut Millesimato with Poussin from Gressingham

Pisoni Brut Millesimato with Poussin from Gressingham


Pairing the Pisoni Brut Millesimato with Poussin from Gressingham:

Pairing notes: “A golden citrus and dry tropical taste sensation initially. This quickly tones down in to clean rich savoury flavours from the meat. The potato softens the seasoning from the dish to enable the delights of the wine and the tender meat of the Poussin to take the leading role with the black pepper only showing its presence at the close.”


Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.