Planning a Party? 5 Champagne Cocktails You Can Never Go Wrong With

14th June 2022

Orange Cocktails

Are you going to host a luxurious party or event sometime soon and want to know how you can
incorporate Champagne in different ways? Do you want to know about various cocktails you can make with Champagne?

Champagne is a drink of luxury and class, and it is the number one choice for any high-end event.
Champagne can elevate any party and take it to the next level, especially with all the different options to choose from. If you are looking for nice, high-quality Champagne, Oddbins has the best selection of Champagne on the market. Many people prefer to drink it on its own because it is delicious just as it comes, but did you know that you can make an abundance of delicious Champagne-based cocktails, too?

So, if you want to elevate your Champagne party, try to do it by incorporating some of these amazing Champagne cocktails.

The first cocktail on our list is an absolute brunch classic and would be a great addition to any party or event. These stunning cocktails are typically served in your classic Champagne flute and are one of the best additions to any brunch, breakfast, event, or party.

A classic mimosa is made up of Champagne mixed with citrus fruit juice. This is commonly orange juice, unless specified otherwise. Other citrus fruits could include pomelo, grapefruit and even lemon or lime if you want something more sour or tangy.

Brunch Punch
The next great Champagne cocktail to include in your next party is a Brunch Punch. Champagne is a
classic addition to any good brunch and one of the best ways to do it is with a good Brunch Punch.

This great cocktail is incredibly easy to make and something everyone will love. It is fruity, boozy and everything else you want from a brunch cocktail. Unlike mimosas, which you have to stand around and pour out individually, you can make this brunch punch in a big bowl just like any other punch.

You will need a mimosa base, which is half orange juice and half Champagne, and from there, you can add in all sorts of other flavors such as cranberry juice, ginger ale, orange liqueur and even some beautiful fresh berries.

Champagne Margaritas
Your typical margarita is a cocktail made with tequila. However, you could spice it up and try something new by making a Champagne Margarita. This is a great way to amp up your favorite bottle of Champagne and make it even more special.

For this amazing drink, you will need your Champagne of choice and some orange liqueur, a small
amount of tequila and some fresh lime juice. Of course, you should salt the rims of your glasses before making these amazing drinks.

Arnold Palmer Mimosa
Arnold Palmers are not widely known worldwide, but they are quite popular in the States. On their own, they are nonalcoholic beverages that are essentially a mix between lemonade and iced tea. So, a nice way to booze it up and make it ‘adult-friendly’ is to make them into Arnold Palmer Mimosas. Just like your classic mimosa, you have a base of Champagne. However, you will use an Arnold Palmer instead of the classic orange juice.

Peach Bellini
Last but not least, the final Champagne cocktail on our list, which would be perfect for any party, is Peach Bellini. It seems to be a theme that all Champagne-based cocktails are refreshing and this one is no different.

A Peach Bellini comprises white peach puree, Champagne, and a splash of raspberry or cherry juice for a bit of a twist. This is a great drink for any time of the day, whether you are having a brunch party or a dinner party.

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