Plus de Bulles – Diebolt Vallois Cuvee Prestige Review

9th December 2014

Plus de Bulles – Diebolt Vallois Cuvee Prestige Review

Following my review of J-M Seleque, bottle number two from Plus de Bulles promised to be another tantalizing experience, particularly being a bottle highly recommended by Patrick Borras, chief sommelier of three Michelin starred restaurant Pierre Gagnaire.

I am delighted to report that this was a delicious Champagne (as if there was ever any doubt?) and was used to toast the birth of my lovely girl Sofia.

The Diebolt Vallois Cuvee Prestige, is a ‘Blanc de Blanc’ Champagne; this means it is made exclusively from the Chardonnay grape. In common with the previously reviewed J-M Seleque, this is also a grower’s Champagne so unique stuff and not one you’d see in your average supermarket and not widely available so worth grabbing some online.

This wine is made from grapes grown in Grand Cru vineyards in Cramant and, being the next level up over Premier Cru is a notch above many Champagnes you’ll find on the high street. This was immediately evident in the glass as the fine mousse of bubbles danced invitingly and continued in the mouth like the most exquisite popping candy sensation you’ve ever had.

The taste, however, was even better. There was crisp, lemony elegance all the way here with notes of peach an incredible length of flavour. Just as you thought things couldn’t get any better a toasty mineral quality from the restrained use of oak ageing finished things off beautifully, cleansed the palate and left you yearning for another glass – Quite a multi-talented wine then…

This is a real special occasion drink for when you want to treat the people you love or yourself or better still, both. Thankfully Christmas and New Year are around the corner and both would be lifted by a bottle or if you’re feeling flush, a case of this delicious Champagne. If you’re a bit of a decadent sort, firstly I salute you and secondly this tastes a lot more expensive than it’s fairly moderate £32.95 price tag so is also worth making a regular addition to your cellar. Sante!

Steve Saunders

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