Plus de Bulles – J-M Seleque Cuvee Speciale

2nd December 2014

Plus de Bulles – J-M Seleque Cuvee Speciale

A recent delivery from those rather excellent purveyors of high quality Champagne, Plus de Bulles, lifted my day earlier this month but when to crack open such exquisite and interesting Champagne?

The answer sprang forth via e-mail on Friday whereby I was informed I had an interview for a new job and at least a chance of renewed purpose. My parents were also over for dinner so it was settled.

Of the two bottles awaiting my excited enjoyment I decided to go for the J-M Seleque Cuvee Speciale, a blend of all three Champagne grapes (Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir). Like many from Plus de Bulles, this a is a grower’Champagne so unique stuff and not one you’d see in your average supermarket.


The smoked salmon lay invitingly atop sour-cream smeared blinis but such was the promise of elegance when pouring this beautiful Champagne into flutes I insisted we enjoy an aperitif first. As this Champagne is made from vines averaging over forty years of age from three Premier Cru sites the lively bubbles and rich aroma coming from the glass was no surprise. On tasting, the extended lees ageing of 2-3 years had added a definite richness with superb length of flavour; a real sign of quality.

We all agreed this was a delicious wine and the crisp orchard fruit flavours and freshness on the finish led to all glasses being waved in my direction for more. On drinking this with the smoked salmon blinis, such was the intensity of flavour from the Champagne that the rich fish did not overwhelm it; indeed the mouth-watering quality of the wine cleansed the palate and lifted the experience to one greater than the sum of its parts – as if Champagne and Smoked salmon were not good enough before!

A definite hit then and at £21.95 a total steal for now, Christmas and beyond. As for the other Champagne I received, this promises perhaps even greater riches but with Mrs Rebel about to add a third member to our family I think we’ll be finding out sooner rather than later…

Steve Saunders

The Wine Rebel

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