Pol Roger to Sell Winston Churchill’s Famous Pint of Champagne

7th September 2016


Winston Churchill’s favourite Champage maker is planning to release a bottle in his favourite measurement, a pint.

It’s the first time since 1973 that Pol Roger has sold a Champagne in imperial measurements, as Britain joined the European Economic Community, which meant metric units had to be used.

There’s still a little while to wait before we can get our hands on one – the first non-vintage could be available in shops from 2021.  The vintage, possibly from this year’s harvest, will not arrive until even later.

Smaller than the standard 75cl bottle (around 57cl in a pint), the company is curious to see whether this smaller size bottle could be popular among consumers.

Winston Churchill was well known for enjoying his Champagne. Pol Roger was his favourite since he attended a lunch in Paris at the British Embassy in 1944 where he first tried Odette Pol Roger. Since then, Pol Roger and Churchill have had an iconic link, with a cuvée even named in his honour.

The Pol Roger Champagne house is one of the oldest in the region, founded in 1849 in Epernay.

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