Pommery Brut Apanage Prestige

23rd December 2014

Pommery Brut Apanage Prestige

The perfect balance…

Brut Apanage Prestige contains all the sublime fragrances of our terroirs. It is made from a poly-blend that is continually enriched with different crus and varietals. This magnificent practice results in Brut Apanage Prestige, a wine that is perfectly balanced with its freshness preserved.

The wine’s beauty lies in its pale yellow colour, with lovely sea green accents. This sparkling creation is the very epitome of effervescence, with explosions of tiny bubbles rising to the surface of the glass.
The bouquet is ripe and well-established, yet the aromas are discreet and perfectly distinguished. This wine opens tactfully with floral aromas such as lime blossom combined with hints of white fruit such as pear, followed by lightly buttery, creamy notes reminiscent of pastry.
The wine caresses the palate like a delicate inhale. It is perfectly rounded, with no apparent roughness. Every aromatic perception is expressed by the same flavours, and the finish gives the impression of subtle delight.


Shared by Adrian Beckett

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