Pommery Champagne

12th January 2014

Pommery Champagne

Pommery located in Reims, was founded as Pommery & Greno in 1858 by Alexandre Louis Pommery and Narcisse Greno. Under the guidance of Alexandre’s widow, Louise, it soon became one of the region’s largest Champagne brands. She was affectionately given the nickname ‘La Dame aux Roses’ (the lady of the roses) Madame Pommery launched the first commercially successful ‘Brut’ Champagne in history in 1874 at a time when Champagne was excessively sweetened with sugar.

Today, Pommery Brut Royal NV is the signature Champagne of the House. Pommery is currently owned by the Vranken company who also own Heidsieck & Co.

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