Pommery Rosé Apanage

7th November 2014

Pommery Rosé Apanage

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Its original bottle puts Thierry Gasco’s latest creation among the ranks of exceptional rosés. This wine is pastel pink in colour, so characteristic of Pommery style, with fresh, fine aromas. It is intended for prestige wine shops and fine restaurants.

In the pale pink characteristic of Pommery’s rosé Champagnes, Rosé Apanage is sure to appeal to lovers of pastel shades. Its captivating shade enhances the finesse of its bubbles that sparkle as they rise up in the glass.
Bold, elegant Rosé Apanage has aromas of small red berries (red currant, raspberry, wild strawberry) and Granny Smith apple.
Rich and nicely balanced. It contains flavours of all the aromas found in the bouquet. It is ample and harmonious, all that one would expect from rosé Champagne. It is easy to taste, with a lingering smoothness worth noting, and an unforgettable finish full of freshness.


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