Pop a Bottle of Porte Noire Champagne, this Summer for the Ultimate Luxury Experience!

23rd June 2023

2010 Grand Cru Vintage Champagne Porte Noire

As the temperatures rise and the sun shines brightly, there’s no better time to savour the moments of joy and celebration. Renowned actor and entrepreneur Idris Elba has created a wine range of unparalleled luxury and sophistication! Porte Noire for every occasion, whether it’s a weekend getaway, enjoying a glass by the pool, a memorable gathering with loved ones, or an intimate toast to personal achievements.

Porte Noire, meaning ‘black door’ in French, was born in 2018 from a shared passion for wine between David Farber (formally Connaught Cellars) and Actor Idris Elba. David’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the wine trade and Idris’s verve and eye for what’s next has enabled them to curate a delicious and unique collection of wines. This venture began after Idris and David visited the historical and prestigious Sanger viticultural school in Champagne, France, in 2018. By 2020 the first bottles of their Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru vintage Champagne was released followed by Petite Porte Champagne, an everyday Champagne.

Porte Noire Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Vintage 2010 Champagne

Tasting notes: “Plenty of fizz in glass and palate! Aromas are fresh still, citrus led with a good dose of lees influence showing bread, salted nuttiness, white blossom, peach, apricot skin. Flavours are fresh, still young in character again. Not as complex as aromas, though nonetheless good acidity levels driven by citrus, yellow floral, white fruit flesh, apricot, flaky pastry. Increasing saline / citrus close. Certainly can improve with a few extra years ageing.” Christopher Walkey

Porte Noire Petite Porte NV 

Tasting Notes: “Fresh aromas, mostly green apple, citrus, white floral notes. Lively fizz. Fresh again in the palate with citrus, green apple zestiness, touch of honeysuckle, white rose petals, hints of bread with increasing zest / saline at the close. Tasted alongside some dried goats cheese.” Christopher Walkey


Crafted passionately, these wines embody elegance, sophistication, and exceptional taste.

“Porte Noire Wines is born out of true love for wines,” says Idris Elba. “It represents my passion for elegance, artistry, and celebrating life’s special moments. I wanted to put together a special collection of wines with stories I think needed to be told. I’ve always understood the importance of story and these two additions to Porte Noire are great conversation starters.”

Porte Noire wines are available to buy from the Porte Noire wine shop in Kings Cross, London. Enjoy a bottle overlooking the canal and sample the sharing plates using the finest seasonal ingredients at the Porte Noire Wine Bar.

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