Popular UK Takeaways Paired with Bubbly

13th May 2022

fizz and takeaways uk

The world of main meal takeaways has exploded of recent and even more so over the last two or so years ignited by the government lockdowns across the country. Takeaways have been around for a long old time, though the UK’s love of calling up the local restaurant and ordering their favourite dishes continues including not only easy fast food, but also fine dining options too.

Ordering and deliveries have been made easier from the days of phoning up your local curry house in the Yellow Pages or that printed menu received in the post (still we get these today) to apps on our mobile phones such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Hungry House where multiple food choices are just a click away.

Takeaway foods do not need to be contained to fast food types such as chips, burgers, noodles, kebabs or pizza as today even fine dining gastronomical delights are also on the takeaway menu – Depending on your desires and more importantly budget, you can order any takeaway to your hearts desire.

In the UK, the most popular takeaways remain the usual suspects:

Overall, one in four Brits (25%) picked Chinese food as their preferred takeaway, while 17% say they prefer Indian and another 16% opt for the classic fish and chips. Around one in eight (12%) people overall would choose pizza as their go-to takeaway, while Thai food and kebabs prove significantly less popular (3% each) followed by chicken and burgers (2% each). A significant proportion of the population (13%) also say they do not eat takeaways.” source YouGov

So Asian cuisine leads the way though we don’t mind homegrown cuisine talents as third place is the classic fish and chip option. Our Italian friends come in fourth place (surprisingly for me as I would have thought they would be in the top 2) with the global classic dish, pizza.

we love curry

Curry is the 2nd most popular Takeaway choice for Brits


Numerous surveys online in recent years tell us that Friday is the most popular day of the week when we order takeaways with the optimum time being around 7:30pm. It is for many the start of the weekend ahead, our boring old 9-5 job from Monday to Friday is behind us and it is family / friends time and undoubtedly some decent flicks on the TV ready to entertain us.

Seeing as most of our preferences for takeaway currently are the classic and somewhat economical options, I wanted to go with a sparkling wine that is as easy in accessibility and for me, that is a decent bottle of Prosecco (DOC) which is always likely to be seen at local convenience stores and supermarkets. I totally get that some people who order takeaways are in that fine dining category so more precise wines, maybe even Champagne, are called for though, for this article I am looking at the standard and more frequent options.

I also wanted to embrace very much the English love of takeaways and add something from our home shores to this article so what about some English fizz alongside our growing habit of ordering takeaways? An increasing amount of local wine merchants stock English bubbly and now even supermarkets will have an English bottle of bubbly on their shelves – Let’s see how Prosecco and English bubbly fair against some classic favourite English takeaways:

Villa Sandi Prosecco Il Fresco Treviso Brut – Gold Medal Winner 2021 ‘Light & Fruity’ – Tasting notes:Fresh pear and apple flesh 9n the nose with added silky floral notes. Fresh and fruity. Pear flesh, green apple, citrus candy, creamy texture in the palate.

Woodchurch Vintage Cuvée 2016 Brut – Silver Medal Winner 2021 ‘Zesty & Zingy’ – Tasting notes:Light expression in the nose. Floral, gooseberry, apricot flesh, white pear. Touch of fresh zestiness with floral, minerals, citrus.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.