Premier Cru Champagnes – Champagne Dumangin

17th February 2014

Premier Cru Champagnes – Champagne Dumangin

Champagne producers for 5 generations, Champagne J. Dumangin Fils offers a comprehensive range of internationally award winning Premier Cru Champagnes.


Champagne La Cuvee 17  – the latest from the Dumangin Family.

Champagne Premier Cru – Le Rose – Finesse, colour, fruit, quality make this Premier Cru pink Champagne an unmissable experience.

Champagne Premier Cru – Le Vintage ‘2004’ – Feminine, delicate whilst powerfully structured Premier Cru Champagne.

Champagne Premier Cru – L’Extra – Brut – A bone-dry Premier Cru Champagne exclusively for Champagne connoisseurs.

Champagne Premier Cru – Premium Blanc de Blancs – A ‘Premium’ Premier Cru cuvee for premium occasions.

Champagne Premier Cru – Premium Rose de Saignee – A ‘Premium’ Premier Cru cuvee for premium occasions.

Champagne Premier Cru – La Grande Reserve – A fruity, quality Premier Cru Champagne.

Champagne Premier Cru – Vinotheque 1996 – Vinotheque range : Exceptional Vintages boasting with flavour.

In 2000 Gilles Dumangin produced three single vineyard, single grape variety Champagnes each named in honour of one of his ancestors. Each was aged in oak for a year and then bottle aged on the yeast for a decade before being disgorged in the spring of 2012 with no added sugar.


Champagne Premier Cru – Trio des Ancestres – 3 exceptional Cuvees de Cepage aged in cask from Premier Cru vineyards.

Cuvee FIRMIN Dumangin: Blanc de Chardonnay (100%). Firmin was the first “Dumangin” to own and work on
vineyards (1622)
Cuvee HIPPOLYTE Dumangin: Blanc de Pinot Noir (100%). Hippolyte was the first generation of Champagne maker
in the family end of the 1800s (Gilles is the 5th)
Cuvee ACHILLE Dumangin: Blanc de Meunier (100%). Achille was the 2nd generation.

Written by Gilles Dumangin

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