Prestige Lavergne Pink Champagne, “Tête de Cuvée”

7th October 2014

Prestige Lavergne Pink Champagne, “Tête de Cuvée”

The Cuvée Prestige Lavergne Pink Champagne is coming exclusively from Old Vines of Pinot Meunier from 8 hecatres, which is almost impossible to find now in all the Champagne Region.
The “Supreme” expression of our soil and and tradition of out appellation!

The Unique Selling Point:
We can secure and consolidate 15,000 bottles a year of Rosé, launching the promotion in Paris which can give us a good perspectives. Labelling is the same as out White Brut. Only the bottle is transparent, like the Crystal.

The pairing with our Caviar is perfect, and as you know, the Caviar Perluga is the first producer in Europe, producing in Italy and Germany with German partners, Sevruga.

Oscietra and of course Beluga, sommeliers preferring pairing with the Sevruga, fishy and wild, the Oscietra staying the best with out Brut White Lavergne Cuvée of Excellence…

Tasting Notes:
On the eye: It is subtle, with a superb deep pink colour.
On the nose: There is great depth, with a delicate smell of light violet flowers and small fruits and sherry.
On the palate: Expect an aroma of fruity pink well-balanced Champagne, close to Krug or Comte de Champagne (originally the name given to our vineyards in the year 980 by the first nobility.)

Champagne Pink Lavergne is a superb, well-balanced wine that has style, finesse and crisp, with a backbone of a bouquet and aroma of great elegance. Highly recommended to all my customers and in harmony with nature. Should be served at 10° or above and drunk as an aperitif or on special occasions.

The superb pink!

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