Printemps 2018 du Ratafia à L’Assiette Champenoise, Reims

18th April 2018

Printemps 2018 du Ratafia à L’Assiette Champenoise, Reims

With great pleasure we accepted the invitation by our friends at Vitabella to attend the ‘Printemps 2018 du Ratafia’ that took place in Reims at the superb L’Assiette Champenoise famed for its fine cuisine and chef Armaud Lallement.

So quickly – What is Ratafia? Now a classified product from Champagne, Ratafia Champenois is, in fact, a fortified wine made within the Champagne region of France from a traditional alcoholic beverage recipe, a digestif that is produced by adding Champagne grape spirit to Champagne must.

Video Highlights to include interview with 3* Michelin chef Arnaud Lallement

On the day we had a wide selection of Ratafia on show and also varied canapes that were designed to pair well with this digestif – We were also treated to a selection of cocktails based on Ratafia and Champagne which were all splendid and most welcome whilst we sat out in the gardens enjoying the warm rays of the Spring sunshine in Reims.

Claude Giraud – Champagne Henri Giraud

Ratafia on show were:

Champagne BELIN à Essômes sur marne
Champagne MOUSSE à Cuisles
Champagne DANIEL ETIENNE à Cumières
Champagne CAILLEZ LEMAIRE à Damery
Champagne DE TELMONT à Damery
Champagne EGLY-OURIET à Ambonnay
Champagne NICOLAS FEUILLATTE à Choully
Champagne JEAN MARIE GOBILLARD ET FILS à Hautvillers
Champagne PIERRE MIGNON à Le Breuil
Champagne JULIEN CHOPIN à Monthelon
Champagne MICHEL LITTIERRE à Oeuilly
Champagne DOM CAUDRON à Passy Grigny
Champagne CHARLES HESTON à Pouillon
Champagne VRANKEN à Reims
Champagne GRATIOT DELUGNY à Crouttes sur Marne
Champagne COUCHE à Buxeuil
Champagne MOUTARD à Buxeuil
Champagne LACROIX TRIOLAIRE à Merrey sur Arce
Champagne HENRI GIRAUD à Aÿ
Distillerie JEAN GOYARD à Aÿ
Champagne CHARLIER PERRIN à Chatillon sur Marne
Champagne DIOGENE TISSIER ET FILS à Chavot Courcourt
Champagne DUMANGIN ET FILS à Chigny les Roses
Champagne MARC JOSE à Romery
Champagne CHAUVET à Tours sur Marne
Champagne FREDESTEL à Trépail
Champagne XAVIER LECONTE à Troissy
Champagne AMAURY AUTREAU à Venteuil
Champagne MICHAEL HAUTEM à Villers Marmery
Champagne MARGAINE à Villers Marmery
Champagne SALMON à Chaumuzy

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.