Private noSO: the original perception of Prosecco Superiore

31st October 2016


Private noSO is a unique and rare Prosecco Superiore DOCG is perfect as a gift for the year’s most anticipated toast.

The result of more than ten years of research, Private noSO Prosecco Superiore, created without added sulphites. NoSO is one of the original expressions of the Glera grape variety, which, together with Relio, Garnei and Cartizze have given rise to the Private collection: a numbered selection with great soul that is perfect as an original gift to toast with during the festive period.

“On this journey, I wanted to exalt the peculiarities of the Glera grape variety. Through constant research and careful attention for our land, I have managed to select four extraordinary solutions that reveal Glera’s incredible nuances in a place where the steep vineyards are still worked by hand for over 1000 hours per hectare per year” explains oenologist and technical director Desiderio Bisol.

A treasure trove, pure and transparent, enclosing a sparkling wine that conserves the care and passion of ‘working by hand’ constantly seeking out the perfect berry in the vineyard and the centuries of experience that perfectly distinguish the Bisol family.

“The delicate essence, the fragrance and fine perlage that endow this Prosecco Superiore, created exclusively in numbered bottles”, explains Gianluca Bisol, President of Bisol winemakers in Valdobbiadene since 1542 “make it an impeccable symbol of our time-honoured land, perfect for celebrating, and defining memorable toasts over the festive period”.

A special gift in an elegant packaging that protects its delicate purity, that is excellent for accompanying the creative culinary delights of the festive period and perfect for uncorking for the year’s most anticipated toast.

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