Prosecco Applies for UNESCO World Heritage Status

2nd February 2017


In 2015, the Champagne region was granted world heritage status by UNESCO, and now it seems Italy’s most popular sparkling wine region is seeking the same.

Italy’s National Commission for UNESCO has supported the application for the Prosecco region, specifically the areas of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, to become a heritage site.

Italy has been planning this bid for almost 10 years. The area must abide by 10 criteria to be applicable to UNESCO.

Prosecco’s rise to popularity along with the area’s long history, stunning architecture and beautiful landscapes may help them join the list.

However, Italy isn’t short of world heritage sites; out of the 51 granted, Italy has more than any other country.
Winning the bid would help tourism in the area and bring more attention to the region. Inclusion in the UNESCO list also ensures the site is protected in the future.

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