Prosecco beats Champagne as Christmas Party Fizz of choice

20th October 2016


Our friends over at Proof Drinks shared some interesting data with us just recently, a 500 person study resulted in Prosecco beating Champagne when it comes to what fizz we are likely to choose for the festive season: With the Christmas period fast approaching, venues will soon have to decide what sparkling wine they will offering guests at this years Christmas parties. The rising demand of Prosecco is no secret, but will it be Christmas guests preference at a time of year that has been traditionally toasted with a glass of Champagne?

Proof Drinks has just conducted a survey of 500 UK customers asking them which they would prefer at this year’s Christmas party, Prosecco or Champagne. The results revealed that;

  • 54% of recipients preferred Prosecco to Champagne (46%)

Gender Breakdown

  • 54% of women chose Prosecco, 46% of women chose Champagne
  • 51% of men chose Prosecco, 49% of men chose Champagne

Age Breakdown

  • 52.8% 18-24 chose Prosecco, 47.2% chose Champagne
  • 53.4% 25-34 chose Prosecco, 46.6% chose Champagne
  • 57.2% 35-44 chose Prosecco, 42.8% chose Champagne
  • 54.8% 45-54 chose Prosecco, 45.2% chose Champagne
  • 50.7% 55-64 chose Prosecco, 49.3% chose Champagne
  • 43% 65+ chose Prosecco, 57% chose Champagne

Region Breakdown

  • 53.4% of participants from England chose Prosecco, 46.6% chose Champagne
  • 64.3% of participants from Wales chose Prosecco, 35.7% chose Champagne
  • 70.3% of participants from Northern Ireland chose Prosecco, 29.7% chose Champagne
  • 48.3% of participants from Scotland chose Prosecco, 51.7% chose Champagne

 I also have comment from Suneetha Adivihalli, Head of Marketing at Scavi & Ray;

“I think that the older age categories find Prosecco less appealing due to its popularity only arising over the last 5 years or so. Whereas the younger age categories have experienced its influx. Easy-to-drink Prosecco cocktails and events like ‘Prosecco brunches’ have also become very popular with them.”

and Director at Proof Drinks, James Mc Dermott

“It is not uncommon that we will see a venue offer 5 different bottles of Champagne on their menu and only a single bottle of Prosecco, yet the Prosecco will do 90% of their sparkling wine sales!”

Full commentary on the results available on request from Proof Drinks

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.