Prosecco is First Choice of Drink in London

1st August 2015

prosecco for london sales

A recent survey shows that 13% of London drinkers said they would pick Prosecco as their first choice of drink, with Champagne coming in fourth at just under 11%.

Prosecco sales in the UK doubled last year, to £181.8 million and with bottles of Prosecco costing on average £6.49, compared with £16.23 for a bottle for Champagne, you can understand why Prosecco is such a popular choice.

Greg Jones, former retail director at Majestic Wine, said: “The recession really kicked it all off for Prosecco, particularly in 2008/2009 we saw a rise in sales nationally, which was led by London. It meant people could still celebrate but without the cost of Champagne.

“Its popularity has boomed in the last two years particularly, as people see it as a very consistent and reliable fizzy wine. It also helps that producers have kept prices relatively low.”

Wine critic Oz Clarke praised the “perfect party pop”, saying: “Prosecco is fruity, it’s reasonably dry and the gentle bubbles don’t get up your nose and make you sneeze. Drink it ice-cold and no one refuses a second glass.

Market research by Kantar.

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