Prosecco ~ Italy’s Most Popular Sparkling Wine

5th January 2015

Prosecco ~ Italy's Most Popular Sparkling Wine

Of the total production of Prosecco, Italy consumes about 35% of it while 65% is exported. The top 3 export markets the UK, followed by Germany and then USA account for 60% of this.

The Prosecco grape is belived to have been around since the Roman times and is one of the oldest grapes in Italian history.

Prosecco is usually a non-vintage wine and almost always made by the Charmat, or ‘tank method’, where secondary fermentation takes place in large steel tanks. This helps keep the fresh fruitiness of the Prosecco grape.

Prosecco is softer, creamier and a bit sweeter than Champagne or Cava, making it a very popular lighter and fresher bubbly.

Great as an aperitif  and pairs well with fish courses

Extra Dry   
The most common, is enjoyed as an aperitif and great with appetizers.

Great with desserts.


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