‘Prosecco Road’ in Australia

23rd February 2017


King Valley River is a wine producing region in the Australian state of Victoria, home to the charming sparkling wine hub of ‘Prosecco Road’.

A visit to the valley may make you think you’ve stepped into northern Italy thanks to the region’s heavy Italian influence – Prosecco in particular.

It was Otto Dal Zotto who planted the first Prosecco vines in the King Valley, inspired by his birthplace, Valdobbiadene, a historic Prosecco producing town in Italy.

Otto Dal Zotto was reminded of Italy thanks to the stunning Australian landscape and was inspired to plant Prosecco grapes almost 20 years ago.

Five producers have now joined forced to grow this delightful little Italy, a hub of Italian wine on the other side of the world. They offer tours, tastings and food to travellers for wine-seeking travellers.

If you’re lucky enough to visit, keep an eye out for their festivals and exhibitions, such as ‘Weekend Fit For a King’ and ‘Tastes of Two Regions’, a chance to take part in some unique experiences in the community.

Dal Zotto wines brought the first Prosecco cuttings to Australia almost 20 years ago. There’s now a range of producers in the area producing wines from Prosecco grape varieties, including Brown Brothers, Darling Estate, Merkel, Politini, La Cantina, Symphonia. Guests are welcome to taste the wines, enjoy delicious Italian-inspired food and take in the stunning Australian scenery.

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