Purity in Minerality for the Jewel in the Paul Goerg Range

15th October 2014

Purity in Minerality for the Jewel in the Paul Goerg Range

Paul Goerg Cuvée Lady 2004 is truly the jewel in the Paul Goerg range. It is perfectly balanced and radiates purity, minerality and elegance. It is the culmination of all the expertise of the master wine-makers. It has a sparkling radiance which will guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Combining 85% Chardonnay and 15% Pinot Noir, the Paul Goerg Cuvée Lady is the culmination of all the expertise of the master wine-makers in the Maison Paul Goerg. The Chardonnay used in producing Paul Goerg Cuvée Lady has been carefully selected by our cellar master from the very best of the Côte des Blancs, a favoured area for Champagne’s great Chardonnays.

These wines of unparalleled subtlety bestow elegance and great longevity on this outstanding cuvée. The 15% of Pinot Noir grapes which complete the Cuvée Lady blend have been chosen with great care from among the greatest crus of the noirs, notably from the Verzenay terroir to give it the fullness, depth and fluidity characteristic of the great Champagne cuvees.

The 2004 Vintage
The 2004 vintage is strongly influenced by Chardonnay grapes, particularly by those from the Vertus terroirs, the greatest of the Côte des Blancs and well-known among connoisseurs. Most of the grapes which enter in the composition of the Cuvée Lady are grown on this soil.

The 2004 vintage forges a perfect synergy between the supremely fine and the delicate style of the Cuvée Lady and the characteristics og the year of 2004 which has all the features of a great Champagne vintage. After ageing in our cellars for at least 8 years, the Cuvée Lady will overwhelm you with its sparkling radiance and will guarantee an unforgettable experience.

A very pretty deep yellow gold with almond green tints. The sparkle is fine, persistent and sustained. The bubbles string through the flute like a chain of tiny pearls.

The bouquet is delicious with notes of candied fruits such as peach and pear. As it warms, the aromas develop subtly, towards notes of toasted hazelnut and mocha with aromas of brioche.

Food pairing
A wine of many facets that will delight as an aperitif for a very smart occasion or during a grand meal served with sole Meuniére, veal sweetbreads or cep risotto.


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