Putting Slovenian Sparkling Wine on the Map

16th January 2020

Putting Slovenian sparkling wines on the Map

Slovenia is part of the European Union and is bordered by a total of four countries which are Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. The population of Slovenia is fairly small at just over 2 million with the area of the country being around 7,827 square miles.

The land is very lush and green with much being mountainous. The residents and tourists that visit Slovenia are able to enjoy the beaches on the Mediterranean as well as being able to take advantage of the snow by way of ski resorts.

The capital is Ljubljana and the language spoken by most is Slovene – Sometimes you will hear of Slovenia being quoted as the ‘Nation of Caves’ thanks to the endless amount of caves to enjoy with Postojna cave being the most famous.

Among the many other wonderful things that Slovenia offers and a big chunk of daily life, is wine and there are many wineries across the country producing award winning labels that are now exported across the globe. In this article we wanted to take a look at the map of Slovenia and pin in some of the country’s sparkling wine producers.

Today Slovenia has more than 28,000 wineries making between 80 and 90 million litres annually from the country’s 22,300 ha of vineyards.Source Wikipedia

There are approximately 200 wineries in Slovenia focused on making sparkling wines and these wineries are set out across the country’s three main wine regions:

  • Podravska
  • Posavska
  • Primorska

Most of the vines (22,300 hectares of vineyards) produce white wine grapes though there are some very special red sparkling wines being produced in Slovenia with some having taken home prestigious trophies from the Glass of Bubbly Awards in London.


Having travelled a few times to Slovenia and received a guided tour of many of the wine regions and wineries, I can confidently share that this country has a major wine tourism opportunity on its hands let alone having tremendous flavours from its wines (especially sparkling). From smaller wineries based on century old family traditions to younger and innovative labels looking for global recognition, there is so much to explore.Christopher Walkey

Slovenia sparkling wines map

Slovenian sparkling wines on the map


Here are some Slovenian Sparkling Wine producers on the map:

  • Medot – Located in the Primorska Wine Region within the Goriška Brda hills. A fast growing and innovative label with a very fine selection of award winning sparkling wines that express everything that is wonderful about Slovenia.
  • Brič Estate – A winery that boasts 36 hectares of ecologically cultivated vineyards and an olive grove and is open to visits from tourists. Still and sparkling wines are produced. Located close to the Croatian border in the Slovenska Istra wine region.
  • Simonič – Located in the Bela krajina region of the Posavska Wine Region. The winery is open to wine tourism and produces a fine selection of sparkling wines.
  • Frelih – You can enjoy not only fantastic sparkling wines though if wine tourism is your thing then Frelih also offers a hotel and restaurant. The winery is located in the Posavska Wine Region (Dolenjska).
  • Kerin – Set within the Posavska Wine Region of Slovenia, Kerin produces a sparkling wine ‘Maria’ along with a selection of still wines.
  • Zlati Gric – Here is a winery that is almost the perfect destination for wine lovers and wine tourism enthusiasts. Not only can you enjoy their award winning wines including their 2017 Trophy winner from the Glass of Bubbly Awards, Konjiška Penina Rosé, you can also stay at their wonderful ‘wine growers mansion‘.
  • Puklavec and Friends – In the Podravska Wine Region, Puklavec winery is led by Vladimir Puklavec and his two daughters. The winery offers different brands and grape varieties for a variety of markets and channels.
  • Gjerkeš – “In the Goričko Landscape Park, in the far northwest of Goričko, in the village of Fikšinci, there is the Gjerkeš Vineyard”


Map of Slovenia provided free by: en.wiki: Aivazovskycommons: Aivazovsky based on this map [Public domain]

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.