Ratafia Champenois Impresses the Judges at 2020 Awards in London

19th December 2020

Ratafia Champenois Judging 2020

There once was a hidden secret within the world of Champagne and it has had, at last, a stage to perform on and in front of an applauding audience chanting for ‘encore‘ it has made an impressive opening performance.

The widest selection ever of Ratafia Champenois was brought together in one place following much encouragement from Christopher Walkey and much support from the Ratafia Champenois board and members. A project with three years of vision and working towards was now a reality and armed with 75 fine Ratafia Champenois labels of Champagne houses from north to south of the region, team Glass of Bubbly descended upon London to discover whom would take home the inaugural title of ‘The World’s Finest Ratafia Champenois’.

The venue was Champagne Route Bar in Wapping London located just a stones throw away from the capital’s famous Tower Bridge and St Katherine’s Dock, a whole venue to ourselves was provided along with catering – Thank you Paul for supporting our event. Champagne Route Bar holds London’s widest selection of Ratafia Champenois for customers to enjoy, a fine supporter of this superb liquor.

Lady Judges

Lady Judges – Luisa, Vivienne and Patricia.


Though challenging times, especially within the hospitality sector, we were joined by some of our wine friends who were so very keen to judge and experience the splendours of Ratafia Champenois, we heartedly thank:

Patricia Stefanowicz MW

Luisa Welsch

Vivienne Franks


Gentlemen Judges

Gentlemen Judges Paul and Andres.


Paul Keturakis

Andres Sossa


2020 Chair Lady of Judges:

Arriving from Russia and quarantining was our Chair lady Tatiana Mann DipWSET. Samples were taken to her location where she judged each label (all judging was blind format).

Arranged over the weeks before, a unique judging system was created with the creation of the idea coming thanks to Tataina along with Christopher Walkey – A new process was discovered, tested and adopted for the 2020 Ratafia Champenois Awards entitled the ‘3 Tier System‘ allowing for scoring for both Gold and Silver medals along with the highest average scoring label to claim the main title of ‘The World’s Finest Ratafia Champenois 2020’.

Comments from Tatiana Mann DipWEST


The day of judging saw 75 Ratafia Champenois served (by Oliver Walkey) and judged on aromas, flavours and length. Colours were also discussed and immensely delighted everyone. Each valuation held a scoring weight and judges were able to decide on medals and weight of medals with each judging alone though also sharing thoughts and feedback. Many agreements, much positive debates and as always, respectful split opinions.

Ratafia Champenois were served in relation to grape variety and ageing process (wood aged or not). Vintages were also placed in an order that enabled a constant, smooth flow of varieties – Light and fruity along with heavier more sweeter styles.

Feedback from Judges


Results will be released very soon – Stay tuned!

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.